Please check below for any frequently asked questions
What does UAV stand for?

An unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) (or uncrewed aerial vehicle, commonly known as a drone) is an aircraft without a human pilot on board and a type of unmanned vehicle.
How long can you film for?

All our operators will bring with them spare charged batteries. Each battery is rated up to 25-30 minutes of flying time. This is dependant on the weather, mainly wind! We will endeavour to fly up to 20 minutes before quickly swapping batteries!
Haw far can you fly?

The CAA certify us to fly a maximum of 500m and up to 400 feet / 120 metres whilst maintaining line of sight of the UAV.
Which drone will you use for my job request?

We have a selection of UAV's to cover all types of work required as there is not a ‘one size fits all' solution. Get in touch with one of the team who will be happy to discuss your options and make a recommendation.
What if there is bad weather on the day?

We all have a lot of experience with the great British weather! If within 48 hours of the shoot, the weather is not favourable, we will make contact with you to discuss the options. We will not waive our high standards to complete a shoot in weather that will be detrimental to your results! Also our drones don’t like getting wet...
Can I just hire the drone?

Unfortunately not. For the type of work we do, our drones are required to be operated by our professionals under their privileges from the CAA. This also is due to insurance purposes.
Are you insured?

Many commercial operators will usually pay the cheapest possible for insurance. The legal minimum is £750,000 drawing rights, and many companies will only pay for £1million. As much as this sounds a lot, damage caused by small drones can become extremly expensive. Our public liability insurance covers us up to £5million damages as an absolute minimum. We can obtain further insurance coverage if the job dictates based on a day by day basis if we deem it a requirement through our risk assesments.
Can I not just buy a drone myself and do it?

To purchase a drone, then fly it without even registering it, can bring a fine of £1000. To then use it in any form of work without the required permissions and licenses can add to additional fines.

As of the 1st January 2021 regulations change to EU operations. There is no requirement to have approval from the CAA to operate comercially, however… !!

You will require to maintain at least 150 meters away from any person, vehicle, structure or vessel unless you hold specific certificates.

If your requirement means operating in congested areas, this also is not possible unless holding either the A2CofC or GVC depending on the task. 

If there is any incident of a drone loosing signal and flying away not in your control, or any damage is caused by falling on top of a person / car, the police and/or CAA will look in to how you conducted this flight.

“UAS operating in the UK must meet at least the same safety and operational standards as manned aircraft when conducting the same type of operation in the same airspace.” - CAA CAP722

Insurance again is a legal requirement for commercial operations - at a minimum you require third party covering drawing rights of £750,000 or above.

You can eliminate all the stress, worry, legality issues, and be sure that your company reputation remains spotless, by using professional UAV operators.

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