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Prices will vary based on a variety of factors, not just how long we are on site to get the data required. We will always try to keep the cost as low as possible and will never reduce the quality of our work in the process. For more accurate prices please contact us directly. The more information you can supply us with, the more accurate pricing we can give.

Initial Contact Information

Please supply us with a location. Most people will provide a postcode. However, if possible please use a more accurate method. We would recommend using ‘what3words’. This maps the world in 3x3 meter squares to pinpoint the location. Their website can be found here.

Remote / On-Site Site Survey

Prices will vary based on a variety of factors. Once we have the above information, one of our team will make an initial risk assessment based on location and your requirements. We gather information from multiple sources to include any flight restrictions and any initial safety factors that could proclude the service requested. If the location is within controlled airspace we can check and obtain permissions by negotiating with local air traffic control authorities. Some operators can struggle to get permission to work in busy airspace, however with our background as commercial pilots we have found this to be easier to gain with the right mitigations and safety procedures in place. 

We may decide an on-site visit is required. If we deem this is necessary we will discuss this with you before hand. The more information you can supply us with initially, the more accurate pricing we can give in your quotation.


With the site survey complete, we will be in touch with the result. If there is nothing that will stop us going ahead with your requirements, we will also attach a no obligation quotation with a full detailed briefing. At this point we will advise available dates whilst doing our best to accommodate your inital request.  

Depending on location we can visit personally to discuss any other details before the day of filming if you so wish.

When you are happy with everything we will ask for a 25% deposit to confirm the date of the booking.

Contact Form

Contact Information

  +44 (0)330 133 3593

Cancellations & Loss of Deposit

Once a firm booking is made, we will endeavour to work with you and remain in contact as much as possible, especially regarding the British weather! Please remember our drones are not waterproof and sadly do not enjoy getting wet. We will start to assess the weather 5 days prior to the booking date. If the weather is not looking positive 48 hours before we are due to arrive, we will make contact with you to discuss options.

Bad weather is nobodies fault, so we will happily rearrange the booking free of charge for another available date that is convienient for you. The deposit will also be transferred to this new date.

If we fail to complete on the service offered due to a fault that is out of our control from the following list, then sadly we do not refund the deposit.

  Client cancellation (within 7 days)¹

  If you choose to stick to the original booking date against our advise and weather precludes us from flying²

¹ If this cancellation is out of your control medically, we will happily refund the deposit.
² If the weather does not look suitable 48 hours before the day of our arrival, we will advise you. We are happy to turn up still to try and film in any breaks in the weather for as long as we can. However, if unsuccessful, we cannot refund the deposit. 

Copyright and Use of Material

Aerial Flying Solutions retains the copyright of all data gathering, aerial photography and filmed content. We can negotiate and agree a buyout of footage for specific projects. 

Our clients have full use of all photography and material for their own business promotion, media, print, marketing, advertising and website use. In our terms of service clients are permitted to use all material in conjunction with their media, printing and advertising suppliers.

Clients are not permitted to sell the material or allow general third parties to use it without prior written agreement from us. 

We reserve the right to use any aerial photography or filmed content for our own commercial purposes via our website, videos and social media. 

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